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0000179LDMudEfunspublic2004-11-26 22:21
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Summary0000179: Give ed a programmatic interface
DescriptionShort: ed ideas
From: Matthew Julius <>
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 16:29:08 -0500
Type: Feature
State: Unclassified

Something else from the MudOS CHANGELOG,
        * added a new interface for ed(), which is used if OLD_ED is not
          defined in options.h
          . Three new efuns replace ed():
            string ed_start(string | void, int | void) - start a new ed
                   session on file file. ed_start(foo, 1) means use
                   restricted mode. Only one ed session may be started
                   per object.
            string ed_cmd(string) - send the command line to ed
            int query_ed_mode() - returns:
                 0 - the current object is at a normal ed prompt (':')
                -1 - the current object isn't in ed
                -2 - the current object is at the more prompt in the
                     middle of help
                >0 - the object is at a prompt for a line. The number
                     is the line number.
          . The string result of ed_cmd() and ed_start() is the output
            that would have been sent to the user
          . The mudlib is responsible for setting the user's prompt
            (see query_ed_mode())
This is the right idea, but I really dislike the MudOS interface efuns. If
compatibility is desired, however, I can't really object much. Particularly,
my problem is with query_ed_mode(), which I think should return 0 if the
object is not in the editor. Also, problems exist if it's desired to have
the ed prompt print the current line number. This looks to be impossible
using query_ed_mode(). The -2 value, being in the middle of ed help, should
be put into ed_cmd(). If ed_cmd() returned the help as a string the mudlib
could determine how to display it--which is nice for users that have more
than 20 lines on their screen. Like I said, these additions to ed() are
the right idea, but the wrong implementation.
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