Released 2007-10-06
0000490: [Portability] x86_64 sprintf.c problem (lars)
0000492: [Runtime] crash with snoop + --check-refcounts (lars)
0000553: [Implementation] Backports of 3.3 fixes for 3.2.16 (Gnomi)
       0000539: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Missing initialization of local variables in some cases (Gnomi)
0000700: [Documentation] improve some efun manpages (zesstra)
0000491: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] x86_64 crasher before it's done loading (lars)
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0000590: [Portability] Remove MAXINT from driver.h and change code which uses it. (zesstra)
0000784: [Compilation, Installation] iconv version check (zesstra)
0000788: [Networking] long telnet neg messages are cut off (zesstra)
0000816: [Runtime] Crash during compact_mapping() (zesstra)
0000811: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] predefined define __FUNCTION__ for the name of the function (fufu)
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Released 2011-02-24
0000729: [Compilation, Installation] Replacement of macro parameters doesn't strip trailing whitespaces (zesstra)
0000760: [Documentation] error in manpage for regreplace (zesstra)
0000761: [Documentation] Typo in manpage for m_contains (zesstra)
0000737: [Networking] Disconnects of TLS connections with SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ. (zesstra)
0000683: [Runtime] 2 crashes on 3.3.719 x64 (Gnomi)
0000224: [Efuns] sort() should be able to sort in-place (zesstra)
0000501: [Efuns] get_dir("/",GETDIR_PATH) (zesstra)
0000607: [Runtime] check_alarm triggers because alarm is off (zesstra)
0000670: [Networking] [patch] new telopts for inofficial mud protocols (Gnomi)
0000685: [Documentation] manpage of get_dir() lacks hint for differences in compat mode (zesstra)
0000689: [Runtime] Crash: Mapping entry didn't hash to the same spot. (Gnomi)
0000692: [Documentation] improve some efun manpages (zesstra)
0000712: [Runtime] get_type_info(<closure>, 4) looses refcount to function name of <closures> (zesstra)
0000739: [Efuns] convert_charset empty string (zesstra)
0000750: [Runtime] pkg-mysql: "MySQL server has gone away" errors on long-lived db connections (fufu)
0000695: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Missing base struct if base struct is empty. (zesstra)
0000749: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] backport deprecated modifier to 3.3.x ("obsolete" modifier) (zesstra)
0000678: [Compilation, Installation] Unreliable source of entropy for initializing the openssl PRNG (zesstra)
0000725: [Runtime] 'dumpallobj' crashes in svalue_size() on strings with 0 refs. (zesstra)
0000736: [Runtime] Crash in add_message() upon tracing (caused by do_trace()) (zesstra)
0000646: [LPC Language] to_struct( STRUCT ) does nothing but could cast to other template (zesstra)
0000709: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Repeatable crash in 64 bit build of 3.3.718 (Gnomi)
0000671: [Runtime] Crash in xml_generate / xml_parse (zesstra)
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Released 2009-01-04
0000627: [Portability] Floating point numbers on 64bit platforms may be saved incorrectly (zesstra)
0000052: [Compilation, Installation] Use crypto functions from ssl libs when available. (Gnomi)
0000071: [Networking] binary_message cannot flush zero bytes? (Gnomi)
0000297: [Networking] Better buffering of data sent to players (Gnomi)
0000375: [Runtime] call_out() timing is incorrect (Gnomi)
0000522: [Efuns] Starting an input_to from within an ed session doesn't behave intuitively (Gnomi)
0000535: [Efuns] set_input_to should be reset before a heart_beat or call_out (Gnomi)
0000538: [Efuns] New Package pkg-iksemel for driver that adds xml_parse() as well as xml_generate() (using libiksemel) (Gnomi)
0000548: [Efuns] restore_value is not reentrant (Gnomi)
0000583: [Other] TLS: context->client_CA free()'d while still in use (Gnomi)
0000587: [Portability] Possible crash in strftime(), gmtime() and localtime() on 64 bit platforms with timestamp values > 2^55 (zesstra)
0000589: [Other] GC test failures if GC is not supported (Gnomi)
0000595: [Runtime] Crash in 718 (Gnomi)
0000612: [Efuns] Remove "Arguments passed to variable closure." error (Gnomi)
0000613: [Efuns] Context closures in a lambda expression loose their context variables (Gnomi)
0000629: [Runtime] Close all sockets/files before executing erq. (Gnomi)
0000630: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Imperfect overflow detection (Gnomi)
0000631: [Implementation] Inconsistent behaviour of nested inline closures (Gnomi)
0000684: [Efuns] get_dir(): listing directory contents does not work according to documentation (zesstra)
0000640: [Portability] Support mmap() for allocating memory from the system (zesstra)
0000635: [Compilation, Installation] Use -fwrapv by default if available and the compiler is gcc (zesstra)
0000622: [Runtime] GeoLiteCity as big switch-blocks crashes on high usage (Gnomi)
0000634: [Portability] Overflow of number_buffer in object.c (zesstra)
0000615: [Implementation] RfC: Replace SINT in slaballoc.c/smalloc.c by sizeof(word_t) (zesstra)
0000624: [Portability] Crash in included crypt() implementation on platforms with sizeof(long)==8 (e.g. x86_64) (zesstra)
0000625: [Portability] Remove hosts/ subdirectory (zesstra)
0000628: [Portability] Inconsistent data for F_NUMBER is generated on LP64 systems (zesstra)
0000601: [Efuns] Add possibility to change limits for memory allocation (MAX_MALLOCED, SOFT_MALLOC_LIMIT) at runtime (zesstra)
0000633: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Access of undefined/undeclared variable crashes 3.3.718 on amd64 (Gnomi)
0000602: [Efuns] db_conv_string bugging over 27 characters (zesstra)
0000611: [Runtime] Crash in remove_from_free_list() during restore_object() (zesstra)
0000498: [Efuns] idna_stringprep doesn't work (zesstra)
0000593: [Compilation, Installation] Make COMMAND_FOR_OBJECT_BUFSIZE configurable (zesstra)
0000081: [Runtime] Better feedback on low memory situations. (zesstra)
0000477: [Efuns] add get_eval_number() efun (fufu)
0000473: [Efuns] trim() does not trim \0 (zesstra)
0000592: [Documentation] documentation of read_file() is misleading (zesstra)
0000558: [Compilation, Installation] Too large ITABLE_SIZE leads to errors finding identifiers in the ident_table. (zesstra)
0000559: [Portability] Crash in functionlist() (64 bit issue) (zesstra)
0000525: [Runtime] Allow objects with empty names (again) (zesstra)
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Released 2008-08-11
Released on 2009-01-13.
0000528: [Portability] sprintf() fails to print int values larger than 2^32 - 1 correctly (zesstra)
0000575: [Implementation] filter(<string>,...) may crash with large strings (zesstra)
0000576: [Implementation] save_object() and restore_object() may crash with large argument strings (zesstra)
0000577: [Implementation] Potential crashes in send_erq() and send_udp() due to stack overflow (zesstra)
0000398: [Runtime] ed/check_valid_path leaks file name (Gnomi)
0000527: [Portability] New version of the Mersenne Twister needed for 64 bit platforms (zesstra)
0000570: [Implementation] fatal() fails to dump a core if the master is not loaded (zesstra)
0000578: [Implementation] Potential crashes in regexplode(), process_string(), present_clone() (zesstra)
0000580: [Implementation] Potential crash in load_object() due to stack overflow (zesstra)
0000581: [Implementation] Potential crashes in rename_object() and replace_program() due to stack overflows (zesstra)
0000582: [Implementation] Potential crash in db_conv_string() due to stack overflow (zesstra)
0000584: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] variable definition in outer switch block (Gnomi)
0000255: [Efuns] present_clone() should allow 'id <n>' form (zesstra)
0000515: [Other] Seeding the PRG with a more reliable source of randomness (zesstra)
0000519: [Efuns] present_clone(): deep-inventory search and search for <object> no. x (zesstra)
0000573: [Efuns] Efun returning the current depth of the control stack (zesstra)
0000516: [Efuns] Additional efuns for date/time conversion to strings and calculating a unix timestamp (zesstra)
0000563: [Documentation] Misleading info on __LPC_ARRAY_CALLS__ in german Manpage of call_other (zesstra)
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Released 2008-06-30
0000485: [Efuns] Every sha1/md5 iteration should cost evals (lars)
0000486: [Efuns] input_to with INPUT_PROMPT but an invalid prompt leaks the prompt and all additional parameters (Gnomi)
0000488: [Efuns] ed: The 'r' command leaks the filename (Gnomi)
0000497: [Compilation, Installation] Compile error: Missing backslashes (zesstra)
0000505: [Implementation] tell_room() does not send to 'room' itself, only the contained objects (zesstra)
0000508: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] There is an off-by-one in the linenumbers in include files using auto-include-strings (lars)
0000509: [Efuns] strrstr doesn't find a pattern, when die string length is given as the start position (lars)
0000510: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Wrong linenumber information after two inline closures in the same function (lars)
0000512: [Efuns] write_file with flag 1 should not complain if the file doesn't exist (Gnomi)
0000514: [Runtime] remove_shadow_actions and remove_action don't handle shadow actions very well (lars)
0000523: [Runtime] The "object to closure was bound to has been destructed" errors shouldn't occur anymore (Gnomi)
0000524: [Implementation] Crash in PCRE-RegExp efuns due to excessive recursion (zesstra)
0000532: [Efuns] restore_value() segfaults on large inputs on 64-bit Debian; alloca() related (zesstra)
0000534: [Runtime] set_noecho calls the driver hooks with external==TRUE (Gnomi)
0000536: [Efuns] strstr("", "") does not return 0. (Gnomi)
0000537: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Missing initialization of local variables in some cases (Gnomi)
0000542: [Compilation, Installation] creating configure from fails (zesstra)
0000550: [Compilation, Installation] xptmalloc compilation failure (zesstra)
0000554: [Portability] port.h should use stdint.h, inttypes.h and stdbool.h if available (zesstra)
0000468: [Compilation, Installation] MAX_OUTCONN is not good for deployment (zesstra)
0000543: [Efuns] Mudlib controlled sqlite pragmas (Gnomi)
0000470: [Compilation, Installation] make install prints duplicate messages at end (fufu)
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Released 2007-10-01
0000442: [Networking] socket closes after reading MAX_TEXT bytes (lars)
0000483: [Runtime] replace_program confuses variable sharing (lars)
0000500: [Runtime] load_object() may lead to a crash if given an empty string (lars)
0000503: [Runtime] foreach() with negative integer expression causes "endless" loop (lars)
0000504: [Compilation, Installation] old macro breaks compilation on nexenta solaris (lars)
0000511: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Lfuns implementing Inline closures should be 'private nomask' (lars)
0000513: [Runtime] Errormessage from errorf() may be leaked (lars)
0000517: [Runtime] Crash in remove_mapping()
0000520: [Runtime] Overflow of apply_cache_hit, apply_cache_miss causing wrong statistics (lars)
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Released 2006-03-12
0000464: [Compilation, Installation] compilation errors using gcc 2.95 (lars)
0000394: [Compilation, Installation] Types mixed up (lars)
0000422: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] 'virtual inherit' may merge too many functions (lars)
0000443: [Runtime] Inherited lfun closures are wrongly looked up (lars)
0000444: [Efuns] restore_svalue with inherited lfun closure uses compile time structures (lars)
0000462: [Compilation, Installation] 3.3.713 does not compile: parse error in comm.c (lars)
0000463: [Runtime] The garbage collection doesn't count names from the apply cache correctly. (lars)
0000466: [Runtime] Object name hashs are calculated with variable length (lars)
0000424: [Compilation, Installation] Segmentation fault whilst compiling
0000465: [Documentation] return type of get_dir (typo) (lars)
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Released 2005-11-27
Released 2006-03-12.
0000431: [Runtime] remove_interactive clears current_object, which results in a segfault (lars)
0000441: [Compilation, Installation] The tracedepth is not counted correctly (lars)
0000011: [Efuns] sqlite support (patch included) (lars)
0000362: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Problems with private functions (lars)
0000374: [Runtime] funcall(#'||) crashs (lars)
0000417: [Efuns] present() does not return all items (lars)
0000423: [Compilation, Installation] --disable-use-new-inlines does not work (build fails) (lars)
0000430: [Runtime] the driver generates too many runtime missing 'return <value>' warnings (lars)
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Released 2004-10-15
0000408: [Runtime] Recursion in an out of memory situation (lars)
0000413: [Compilation, Installation] md5() misbehavior on AMD x86 64 Bit Systems (lars)
0000405: [Compilation, Installation] get_line_number_if_any should check for an empty csp (lars)
0000406: [Runtime] Infinite recursion caused by errorf. (lars)
0000407: [Efuns] bind_lambda doesn't ignore unbindable closures when the second arg is missing (lars)
0000412: [Efuns] symbol_function leaks an object reference (lars)
0000414: [Compilation, Installation] Null pointer in parse_command while searching for the marker (lars)
0000409: [Documentation] sscanf documentation mentions extract(E) (lars)
0000377: [Efuns] convert_charset: MUD takes 100% CPU time and freezes (lars)
0000378: [Efuns] sprintf("%c", 0) fails (lars)
0000384: [Efuns] restore_value() doesn't recognize operator closures (lars)
0000391: [Runtime] Passing array of prepositions for %p in parse_command causes segfault (lars)
0000392: [Efuns] get_type_info could also return the function name of a lfun closure (lars)
0000393: [Compilation, Installation] Doesn't compile because of usage of REPLACE_MALLOC in xalloc.c (lars)
0000389: [Efuns] lambda doesn't recognize #'& as the reference operator (lars)
0000132: [Compilation, Installation] gnutls + MALLOC_TRACE impossible
0000343: [Runtime] Garbage collection leaks object name (lars)
0000344: [Runtime] restore_object leaks its line buffer (lars)
0000347: [Runtime] closure_location() leaks the program name (lars)
0000099: [Runtime] Destructed objects leak their program name (lars)
0000348: [Runtime] Destructed objects still leak their program name (lars)
0000349: [Runtime] Illegal use of RE_TRADITIONAL|RE_PCRE leaks some memory (lars)
0000353: [Runtime] Foreach with references crashes the driver (lars)
0000359: [Runtime] "x"*__INT_MAX__ crashes (lars)
0000355: [LPC Language] ranged foreach is a no-op for __INT_MAX__ (lars)
0000358: [Compilation, Installation] slaballoc warnings (lars)
0000356: [Runtime] 28 Bits for the large block size field aren't enough. (lars)
0000360: [Implementation] max-mapping-size: offer separate key/width limits (lars)
0000368: [Runtime] large_malloc crashes when coalescing free blocks (lars)
0000369: [Runtime] _get_map_lvalue doesn't check the mapping size correctly. (lars)
0000370: [Efuns] unique_array with an unbound lambda leaks it structures (lars)
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Released 2022-01-08
0000894: [Efuns] efun::dump_driver_info crash - Illegal type: 0 (Gnomi)
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Released 2019-04-05
0000862: [Runtime] Segmentation fault during startup (zesstra)
0000855: [Runtime] Bad argument in example sefun set_connection_charset (Gnomi)
0000863: [Runtime] ldmud --help output causes unreproducible build of manpages (Gnomi)
0000866: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Improper use of reserved word 'function' crashes the driver (Gnomi)
0000864: [Compilation, Installation] compile error with format-security hardening flag (Gnomi)
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Released 2018-03-04
0000857: [Other] debug_info.h for the replacement sefun debug_info lacks defines (zesstra)
0000835: [Other] sqlite: enable the error and warning log (Gnomi)
0000854: [Runtime] Crash with bad type 1 in swap_svalues() (Gnomi)
0000859: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] LDMud 3.5 crashes on simple syntax mistake (Gnomi)
0000555: [Portability] Complete support for 64bit (LP64) architectures
0000165: [Runtime] Make hard coded commands independent of 'wizard'ness (Gnomi)
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Not Yet Released
0000865: [LPC Language] efun is_typeof() to check if a program is inherited (Gnomi)
0000792: [Efuns] limited( expression ... ) would be nice (Gnomi)
0000905: [General] Repeat crashes from stack overlapping heap (Gnomi)
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Released 2022-09-10
0000753: [General] Ranged mapping indexing (Gnomi)
0000902: [Runtime] LDMud 3.6.5 python initialization time object reference crash (Gnomi)
0000903: [Efuns] unique_array throwing debug error (Gnomi)
0000904: [Runtime] LWO to LWO bad call_other causes SIGABRT (Gnomi)
0000897: [LPC Language] Support global struct definitions via simul_efun object (Gnomi)
0000285: [Runtime] Deactivate sefuns (when loading the master) (Gnomi)
0000896: [Implementation] struct literals and to_struct() should check types at runtime (Gnomi)
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Released 2022-01-09
0000892: [Networking] Newline characters may be lost in switch to INPUT_CHARMODE handling (fufu)
0000898: [General] Provide line number as an argument to master's log_error lfun hook. (Gnomi)
0000529: [Efuns] sprintf's column mode misplaces a newline (Gnomi)
0000665: [Efuns] sscanf and %% don't like each other (Gnomi)
0000198: [Efuns] sprintf() on code closures (Gnomi)
0000332: [General] Warning: Missing 'return <value>' statement. (Gnomi)
0000726: [General] in - Operator (Gnomi)
0000800: [General] (s)printf truncates when using a 0 in the string (Gnomi)
0000780: [General] Seltsame float 0, (Gnomi)
0000900: [Runtime] too many local variables defined (Gnomi)
0000842: [LPC Language] Extend type saftey by adding class-name annotations to type 'object' for parameters and variables (Gnomi)
0000688: [General] Lightweight objects (Gnomi)
0000882: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Warning about applied lfuns being implemented with incompatible signature (Gnomi)
0000782: [Runtime] Closures for simul-efuns with an index > 2047 crash the driver (Gnomi)
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Released 2021-04-06
0000199: [Implementation] Extension of func_spec syntax (Gnomi)
0000656: [General] lvalue 8: Miscellaneous (Gnomi)
0000834: [General] Quoted arrays inside arrays or mappings save correctly but error on restore (Gnomi)
0000888: [Efuns] variable_list() needs to check for swapped variables (zesstra)
0000886: [Runtime] crash when mssp enabled (Gnomi)
0000819: [General] column-mode of sprintf does drop rows (Gnomi)
0000654: [General] lvalue 6: call-by-reference on efuns (Gnomi)
0000651: [General] lvalue 3: Lvalues to mapping entries (Gnomi)
       0000148: [General] Failed assignments leave behind empty mapping entries. (Gnomi)
0000152: [General] replace_program() and virtual variables (Gnomi)
0000235: [Efuns] Extend debug_info() to handle interactives (Gnomi)
0000499: [General] yet another tls bug (Gnomi)
0000885: [Efuns] to_struct causes error for to many array members for template struct (Gnomi)
0000263: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Default arguments in functions (Gnomi)
0000740: [LPC Language] foreach(int foo : foo) compiles without definition of 'foo' in outer scope (Gnomi)
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Released 2020-09-01
0000238: [Efuns] Colored string handling (Gnomi)
0000730: [General] static logon() function does not work for TLS logon callback (Gnomi)
0000698: [LPC Language] Make different versions of a struct compatible to each other (Gnomi)
0000876: [Efuns] Unicode character width efun would still be handy in 3.6 (Gnomi)
0000881: [Efuns] sprintf problems concerning ANSI-Codecs (Gnomi)
0000878: [Efuns] Regular Expressions somewhat broken with 3.6.2 (Gnomi)
0000880: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Repeated calls to undefined function trigger warning due to strict_types without strict_types being in effect. (Gnomi)
0000883: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] structs: compatibility of inherited (super) struct in place of inheriting (sub) struct (Gnomi)
0000879: [Runtime] Crash in collect_trace() during runtime error handling (Gnomi)
0000699: [General] save/restore of structs (Gnomi)
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Released 2020-04-28
0000877: [Implementation] snoop() adds junk data to input commands
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