Released 2007-10-01
0000442: [Networking] socket closes after reading MAX_TEXT bytes (lars)
0000483: [Runtime] replace_program confuses variable sharing (lars)
0000500: [Runtime] load_object() may lead to a crash if given an empty string (lars)
0000503: [Runtime] foreach() with negative integer expression causes "endless" loop (lars)
0000504: [Compilation, Installation] old macro breaks compilation on nexenta solaris (lars)
0000511: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Lfuns implementing Inline closures should be 'private nomask' (lars)
0000513: [Runtime] Errormessage from errorf() may be leaked (lars)
0000517: [Runtime] Crash in remove_mapping()
0000520: [Runtime] Overflow of apply_cache_hit, apply_cache_miss causing wrong statistics (lars)
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