Released 2006-03-12
0000464: [Compilation, Installation] compilation errors using gcc 2.95 (lars)
0000394: [Compilation, Installation] Types mixed up (lars)
0000422: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] 'virtual inherit' may merge too many functions (lars)
0000443: [Runtime] Inherited lfun closures are wrongly looked up (lars)
0000444: [Efuns] restore_svalue with inherited lfun closure uses compile time structures (lars)
0000462: [Compilation, Installation] 3.3.713 does not compile: parse error in comm.c (lars)
0000463: [Runtime] The garbage collection doesn't count names from the apply cache correctly. (lars)
0000466: [Runtime] Object name hashs are calculated with variable length (lars)
0000424: [Compilation, Installation] Segmentation fault whilst compiling
0000465: [Documentation] return type of get_dir (typo) (lars)
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