Released 2008-08-11
Released on 2009-01-13.
0000528: [Portability] sprintf() fails to print int values larger than 2^32 - 1 correctly (zesstra)
0000575: [Implementation] filter(<string>,...) may crash with large strings (zesstra)
0000576: [Implementation] save_object() and restore_object() may crash with large argument strings (zesstra)
0000577: [Implementation] Potential crashes in send_erq() and send_udp() due to stack overflow (zesstra)
0000398: [Runtime] ed/check_valid_path leaks file name (Gnomi)
0000527: [Portability] New version of the Mersenne Twister needed for 64 bit platforms (zesstra)
0000570: [Implementation] fatal() fails to dump a core if the master is not loaded (zesstra)
0000578: [Implementation] Potential crashes in regexplode(), process_string(), present_clone() (zesstra)
0000580: [Implementation] Potential crash in load_object() due to stack overflow (zesstra)
0000581: [Implementation] Potential crashes in rename_object() and replace_program() due to stack overflows (zesstra)
0000582: [Implementation] Potential crash in db_conv_string() due to stack overflow (zesstra)
0000584: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] variable definition in outer switch block (Gnomi)
0000255: [Efuns] present_clone() should allow 'id <n>' form (zesstra)
0000515: [Other] Seeding the PRG with a more reliable source of randomness (zesstra)
0000519: [Efuns] present_clone(): deep-inventory search and search for <object> no. x (zesstra)
0000573: [Efuns] Efun returning the current depth of the control stack (zesstra)
0000516: [Efuns] Additional efuns for date/time conversion to strings and calculating a unix timestamp (zesstra)
0000563: [Documentation] Misleading info on __LPC_ARRAY_CALLS__ in german Manpage of call_other (zesstra)
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