Released 2011-02-24
0000729: [Compilation, Installation] Replacement of macro parameters doesn't strip trailing whitespaces (zesstra)
0000760: [Documentation] error in manpage for regreplace (zesstra)
0000761: [Documentation] Typo in manpage for m_contains (zesstra)
0000737: [Networking] Disconnects of TLS connections with SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ. (zesstra)
0000683: [Runtime] 2 crashes on 3.3.719 x64 (Gnomi)
0000224: [Efuns] sort() should be able to sort in-place (zesstra)
0000501: [Efuns] get_dir("/",GETDIR_PATH) (zesstra)
0000607: [Runtime] check_alarm triggers because alarm is off (zesstra)
0000670: [Networking] [patch] new telopts for inofficial mud protocols (Gnomi)
0000685: [Documentation] manpage of get_dir() lacks hint for differences in compat mode (zesstra)
0000689: [Runtime] Crash: Mapping entry didn't hash to the same spot. (Gnomi)
0000692: [Documentation] improve some efun manpages (zesstra)
0000712: [Runtime] get_type_info(<closure>, 4) looses refcount to function name of <closures> (zesstra)
0000739: [Efuns] convert_charset empty string (zesstra)
0000750: [Runtime] pkg-mysql: "MySQL server has gone away" errors on long-lived db connections (fufu)
0000695: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Missing base struct if base struct is empty. (zesstra)
0000749: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] backport deprecated modifier to 3.3.x ("obsolete" modifier) (zesstra)
0000678: [Compilation, Installation] Unreliable source of entropy for initializing the openssl PRNG (zesstra)
0000725: [Runtime] 'dumpallobj' crashes in svalue_size() on strings with 0 refs. (zesstra)
0000736: [Runtime] Crash in add_message() upon tracing (caused by do_trace()) (zesstra)
0000646: [LPC Language] to_struct( STRUCT ) does nothing but could cast to other template (zesstra)
0000709: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Repeatable crash in 64 bit build of 3.3.718 (Gnomi)
0000671: [Runtime] Crash in xml_generate / xml_parse (zesstra)
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