Released 2005-11-27
Released 2006-03-12.
0000431: [Runtime] remove_interactive clears current_object, which results in a segfault (lars)
0000441: [Compilation, Installation] The tracedepth is not counted correctly (lars)
0000011: [Efuns] sqlite support (patch included) (lars)
0000362: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Problems with private functions (lars)
0000374: [Runtime] funcall(#'||) crashs (lars)
0000417: [Efuns] present() does not return all items (lars)
0000423: [Compilation, Installation] --disable-use-new-inlines does not work (build fails) (lars)
0000430: [Runtime] the driver generates too many runtime missing 'return <value>' warnings (lars)
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