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0000430LDMud 3.3Runtimepublic2018-01-29 22:57
Reporterfufu Assigned Tolars 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.3.712 
Fixed in Version3.3.713 
Summary0000430: the driver generates too many runtime missing 'return <value>' warnings
DescriptionIn some cases, functions will be compiled with a runtime check for 'falling off' the body; this will cause a warning to be printed every time that happens. As this can happen several thousand times in a single evaluation this has the potential to fill up log files very fast.
Additional InformationTechnically, this is implemented with the F_DEFAULT_RETURN opcode. When it's executed, it prints a warning and then falls through to the F_RETURN0 code.
I'll attach a patch that replaces the F_DEFAULT_RETURN with an F_RETURN0 after the warning has been printed, reducing the number of warnings tremendously. As far as I can see, the instruction is only generated by prolang.y and patching it should be safe. I've tested the patch and it works for me.
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2006-01-01 04:27


warn-missing-return-once.diff (476 bytes)   
Index: src/interpret.c
--- src/interpret.c	(revision 2253)
+++ src/interpret.c	(working copy)
@@ -8450,6 +8450,8 @@
          * corrected.
         warnf("Missing 'return <value>' statement.\n");
+        /* Warn only once per missing return and program. */
+        PUT_UINT8(pc-1, F_RETURN0);
         /* FALLTHROUGH */
     CASE(F_RETURN0);                /* --- return0             --- */


2006-03-01 14:01

reporter   ~0000481

Yup, that simply works.

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