Released 2009-01-04
0000627: [Portability] Floating point numbers on 64bit platforms may be saved incorrectly (zesstra)
0000052: [Compilation, Installation] Use crypto functions from ssl libs when available. (Gnomi)
0000071: [Networking] binary_message cannot flush zero bytes? (Gnomi)
0000297: [Networking] Better buffering of data sent to players (Gnomi)
0000375: [Runtime] call_out() timing is incorrect (Gnomi)
0000522: [Efuns] Starting an input_to from within an ed session doesn't behave intuitively (Gnomi)
0000535: [Efuns] set_input_to should be reset before a heart_beat or call_out (Gnomi)
0000538: [Efuns] New Package pkg-iksemel for driver that adds xml_parse() as well as xml_generate() (using libiksemel) (Gnomi)
0000548: [Efuns] restore_value is not reentrant (Gnomi)
0000583: [Other] TLS: context->client_CA free()'d while still in use (Gnomi)
0000587: [Portability] Possible crash in strftime(), gmtime() and localtime() on 64 bit platforms with timestamp values > 2^55 (zesstra)
0000589: [Other] GC test failures if GC is not supported (Gnomi)
0000595: [Runtime] Crash in 718 (Gnomi)
0000612: [Efuns] Remove "Arguments passed to variable closure." error (Gnomi)
0000613: [Efuns] Context closures in a lambda expression loose their context variables (Gnomi)
0000629: [Runtime] Close all sockets/files before executing erq. (Gnomi)
0000630: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Imperfect overflow detection (Gnomi)
0000631: [Implementation] Inconsistent behaviour of nested inline closures (Gnomi)
0000684: [Efuns] get_dir(): listing directory contents does not work according to documentation (zesstra)
0000640: [Portability] Support mmap() for allocating memory from the system (zesstra)
0000635: [Compilation, Installation] Use -fwrapv by default if available and the compiler is gcc (zesstra)
0000622: [Runtime] GeoLiteCity as big switch-blocks crashes on high usage (Gnomi)
0000634: [Portability] Overflow of number_buffer in object.c (zesstra)
0000615: [Implementation] RfC: Replace SINT in slaballoc.c/smalloc.c by sizeof(word_t) (zesstra)
0000624: [Portability] Crash in included crypt() implementation on platforms with sizeof(long)==8 (e.g. x86_64) (zesstra)
0000625: [Portability] Remove hosts/ subdirectory (zesstra)
0000628: [Portability] Inconsistent data for F_NUMBER is generated on LP64 systems (zesstra)
0000601: [Efuns] Add possibility to change limits for memory allocation (MAX_MALLOCED, SOFT_MALLOC_LIMIT) at runtime (zesstra)
0000633: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Access of undefined/undeclared variable crashes 3.3.718 on amd64 (Gnomi)
0000602: [Efuns] db_conv_string bugging over 27 characters (zesstra)
0000611: [Runtime] Crash in remove_from_free_list() during restore_object() (zesstra)
0000498: [Efuns] idna_stringprep doesn't work (zesstra)
0000593: [Compilation, Installation] Make COMMAND_FOR_OBJECT_BUFSIZE configurable (zesstra)
0000081: [Runtime] Better feedback on low memory situations. (zesstra)
0000477: [Efuns] add get_eval_number() efun (fufu)
0000473: [Efuns] trim() does not trim \0 (zesstra)
0000592: [Documentation] documentation of read_file() is misleading (zesstra)
0000558: [Compilation, Installation] Too large ITABLE_SIZE leads to errors finding identifiers in the ident_table. (zesstra)
0000559: [Portability] Crash in functionlist() (64 bit issue) (zesstra)
0000525: [Runtime] Allow objects with empty names (again) (zesstra)
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