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0000625LDMud 3.3Portabilitypublic2009-05-06 16:24
Reporterzesstra Assigned Tozesstra  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version3.3.719Fixed in Version3.3.719 
Summary0000625: Remove hosts/ subdirectory
DescriptionThe hosts/ subdirectory contains support for several non-POSIX platforms and a system-independent implementation of crypt().
Some months ago I asked on the mailing list, if somebody uses stuff from hosts/ and volounteers to maintain something there. 2 months ago I started a survey and asked who uses platforms supported via hosts/. Both questions did not turn up any users. (Windows is supported via Cygwin, which does not need anything from hosts/).
Additionally, the code in hosts/ was not maintained for a long time. Probably some parts don't even compile on current releases of the target platform or have runtime issues (see also 0000624). Anyway, we developers don't have any of the platforms available for developing.
I therefore suggest to remove the complete directory and all references to it.
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related to 0000624 resolvedzesstra Crash in included crypt() implementation on platforms with sizeof(long)==8 (e.g. x86_64) 



2009-05-06 16:24

administrator   ~0001083

Patches for removal were applied as r2565.

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