Released 2022-01-09
0000892: [Networking] Newline characters may be lost in switch to INPUT_CHARMODE handling (fufu)
0000898: [General] Provide line number as an argument to master's log_error lfun hook. (Gnomi)
0000529: [Efuns] sprintf's column mode misplaces a newline (Gnomi)
0000665: [Efuns] sscanf and %% don't like each other (Gnomi)
0000198: [Efuns] sprintf() on code closures (Gnomi)
0000332: [General] Warning: Missing 'return <value>' statement. (Gnomi)
0000726: [General] in - Operator (Gnomi)
0000800: [General] (s)printf truncates when using a 0 in the string (Gnomi)
0000780: [General] Seltsame float 0, (Gnomi)
0000900: [Runtime] too many local variables defined (Gnomi)
0000842: [LPC Language] Extend type saftey by adding class-name annotations to type 'object' for parameters and variables (Gnomi)
0000688: [General] Lightweight objects (Gnomi)
0000882: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Warning about applied lfuns being implemented with incompatible signature (Gnomi)
0000782: [Runtime] Closures for simul-efuns with an index > 2047 crash the driver (Gnomi)
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