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0000393LDMud 3.3Compilation, Installationpublic2005-11-24 15:32
ReporterGnomi Assigned Tolars 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformi686OSDebian GNU/LinuxOS Version3.0
Product Version3.3 
Fixed in Version3.3 
Summary0000393: Doesn't compile because of usage of REPLACE_MALLOC in xalloc.c

REPLACE_MALLOC is defined in slaballoc.c, but xalloc.c uses it (before including slaballoc.c) to decide whether there should be a variable clib_alloc_stat, which slaballoc depends upon. Because at this time this define doesn't exist, there will be no such variable und therefore slaballoc complains:

In file included from xalloc.c:308:
slaballoc.c: In Funktion »mem_dump_data«:
slaballoc.c:890: error: `clib_alloc_stat' undeclared (first use in this function)

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2005-06-20 09:24

reporter   ~0000378

Sorry for that - my machine doesn't allow to replace malloc, so this went unnoticed.

Corrected in 3.3.709

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