Released 2008-06-30
0000485: [Efuns] Every sha1/md5 iteration should cost evals (lars)
0000486: [Efuns] input_to with INPUT_PROMPT but an invalid prompt leaks the prompt and all additional parameters (Gnomi)
0000488: [Efuns] ed: The 'r' command leaks the filename (Gnomi)
0000497: [Compilation, Installation] Compile error: Missing backslashes (zesstra)
0000505: [Implementation] tell_room() does not send to 'room' itself, only the contained objects (zesstra)
0000508: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] There is an off-by-one in the linenumbers in include files using auto-include-strings (lars)
0000509: [Efuns] strrstr doesn't find a pattern, when die string length is given as the start position (lars)
0000510: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Wrong linenumber information after two inline closures in the same function (lars)
0000512: [Efuns] write_file with flag 1 should not complain if the file doesn't exist (Gnomi)
0000514: [Runtime] remove_shadow_actions and remove_action don't handle shadow actions very well (lars)
0000523: [Runtime] The "object to closure was bound to has been destructed" errors shouldn't occur anymore (Gnomi)
0000524: [Implementation] Crash in PCRE-RegExp efuns due to excessive recursion (zesstra)
0000532: [Efuns] restore_value() segfaults on large inputs on 64-bit Debian; alloca() related (zesstra)
0000534: [Runtime] set_noecho calls the driver hooks with external==TRUE (Gnomi)
0000536: [Efuns] strstr("", "") does not return 0. (Gnomi)
0000537: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Missing initialization of local variables in some cases (Gnomi)
0000542: [Compilation, Installation] creating configure from fails (zesstra)
0000550: [Compilation, Installation] xptmalloc compilation failure (zesstra)
0000554: [Portability] port.h should use stdint.h, inttypes.h and stdbool.h if available (zesstra)
0000468: [Compilation, Installation] MAX_OUTCONN is not good for deployment (zesstra)
0000543: [Efuns] Mudlib controlled sqlite pragmas (Gnomi)
0000470: [Compilation, Installation] make install prints duplicate messages at end (fufu)
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