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0000886LDMud 3.6Runtimepublic2021-04-06 23:30
Reportergorgar Assigned ToGnomi  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version3.6.4 
Summary0000886: crash when mssp enabled
DescriptionGame is crashing under rather odd circumstances:
1. mssp recently configured and may not be configured perfectly
2. user pastes a very long message to a channel via discord with raw text from mssp values (from client)
3. mud crashes few seconds later

Despite the oddness and possible misconfiguration with mssp, didn't think that should justify a crash.
Additional InformationLDMUD 3.6.0-22-g42134c1f

[xerq] read: Success
2021.03.29 20:58:47 [xerq] Demon exiting.

2021.03.29 20:58:46 (terminal_colour) indent 259 > wrap 80

core and ldmud file:

Note: ldmud is symlinked to dev-ldmud
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2021-03-30 08:45

manager   ~0002558

I think this crash may have been fixed in LDMud 3.6.2. Could you verify that with an updated version of LDMud?


2021-03-30 12:28

manager   ~0002559

Disregard my last comment. The terminal_colour message is just an error message, not a fatal error.

But it seems, the binary and core file do not match. I can't get any information from the core file. Are there any more messages before the '[xerq] read: Success' line?


2021-03-30 14:08

manager   ~0002560

As I said I can't get much, because the binary does not seem to match. This is what I could gather from the core file alone:

The crash happened in an object named '/guilds/channel_d', in the function SendChannel. The function calls a lambda, which calls the efun terminal_colour() with a string, that seems like MSSP info, a mapping for colouring, a width of 80 and indent of 259.

As the indent is wider than the width, terminal_colour will throw an error. This error is not yet handled, a call trace was not generated and the master not called, yet.

So my guess is that the problem might lie within get_line_number_if_any(), but I couldn't reproduce it.


2021-03-30 14:20

reporter   ~0002561

The core should match but the binary is symlinked to dev-ldmud.

Did upgrade to 3.6.2 last nite but havent reproduced the crash yet.


2021-03-30 17:46

manager   ~0002563

The reason was an out-of-bounds write into a buffer for the name of the lambda. Normally this wouldn't crash the driver, but in this case the driver was compiled with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE which leads to an abortion with a message "*** buffer overflow detected ***" on standard error.

Fixed it in

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