Released 2020-09-01
0000730: [General] static logon() function does not work for TLS logon callback (Gnomi)
0000698: [LPC Language] Make different versions of a struct compatible to each other (Gnomi)
0000876: [Efuns] Unicode character width efun would still be handy in 3.6 (Gnomi)
0000881: [Efuns] sprintf problems concerning ANSI-Codecs (Gnomi)
0000878: [Efuns] Regular Expressions somewhat broken with 3.6.2 (Gnomi)
0000880: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] Repeated calls to undefined function trigger warning due to strict_types without strict_types being in effect. (Gnomi)
0000883: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] structs: compatibility of inherited (super) struct in place of inheriting (sub) struct (Gnomi)
0000879: [Runtime] Crash in collect_trace() during runtime error handling (Gnomi)
0000699: [General] save/restore of structs (Gnomi)
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