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0000165LDMud 3.5Runtimepublic2019-08-29 23:32
ReporterlarsAssigned ToGnomi  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version3.5.1 
Summary0000165: Make hard coded commands independent of 'wizard'ness
DescriptionShort: Get rid of the hardcoded status... commands
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 11:33:40 +0100
Type: Feature
State: Acknowledged

Freaky suggested to add a privilege check to the user commands
'dumpallobj', 'malloc' and 'status', like it is done already for
'showsmallnewmalloced'. However, he'd like to see all the checks done in
the master function privilege_violation(), so that the master object
does not need to know about wizards at all. The efun set_is_wizard()
would become useless, too.

--- Freaky wrote: ---
Die Driver-Befehle 'dumpallobj' 'malloc' 'status' und 'status <parameter>'
sollten alle (wie auch schon showsmallnewmalloced) im Master abgefragt
werden, ob derjenige, der das eingibt, das ueberhaupt darf.
Dazu gibt es ja schon 'master::query_player_level(string what, object ob)'
Momentan kann man nicht verhindern, dass jemand ein 'dumpallobj' ausfuehrt.

Die Master-Funktion ist meiner Meinung nach allerdings etwas ungluecklich
gewaehlt. Man koennte das auch ueber die privilege_violation regeln, wo die
ganze Sache besser aufgehoben waere.
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2009-06-16 09:27

manager   ~0001208

I'd like to get rid of them alltogether. 'dumpallobj' should be an efun, the rest can be implemented in LPC using information from the driver_info efun.


2009-06-16 09:46

administrator   ~0001209

I agree. We should provide sefuns processing information from driver_info and printing them in the current style.

BTW: There is one obstacle: the internal statistic counter are now (in 3.5) a uint64_t, because they continuedly overflowed while being 32 bit wide. They can only be represented in an LPC int (and therefore in driver_info) on 64 bit platforms.


2019-08-29 23:32

manager   ~0002476

In LDMud 3.5.0 the hard coded actions were removed and can be implemented in the mudlib instead.

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