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0000405LDMud 3.3Compilation, Installationpublic2018-01-29 22:57
ReporterGnomi Assigned Tolars 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformi686OSDebian GNU/LinuxOS Version3.1
Product Version3.3 
Fixed in Version3.3 
Summary0000405: get_line_number_if_any should check for an empty csp
DescriptionIf current_prog is set (because it wasn't cleared before), but the csp is zeroed out, then get_line_number_if_any assumes it is a lambda closure and crashes:

#0 0x0805ab82 in closure_location (l=0xffffffef) at closure.c:5569
0000001 0x080a29a4 in get_line_number_if_any (name=0xbfffd598) at interpret.c:18381
0000002 0x080debab in errorf (
    fmt=0x8116380 "(pointertable) Out of memory (%lu bytes pooled) for new entry.\n") at simulate.c:850
0000003 0x080dc53c in find_add_pointer (ptable=0xbf7c318, pointer=0x8857c34,
    bAdd=1) at ptrtable.c:250
0000004 0x080dc586 in register_pointer (ptable=0xbf7c318, pointer=0x8857c34)
    at ptrtable.c:276
0000005 0x08076844 in cleanup_vector (svp=0x8857c34, num=0, context=0xb4da16c)
    at gcollect.c:406
0000006 0x080766c0 in cleanup_mapping_filter (key=0x8857c2c, data=0x8857c34,
    extra=0xbfffdf04) at gcollect.c:319
0000007 0x080b1d54 in walk_mapping (m=0x885b4a4,
    func=0x8076694 <cleanup_mapping_filter>, extra=0xbfffdf04)
    at mapping.c:1953
0000008 0x08076971 in cleanup_vector (svp=0xb8c2c94, num=1, context=0xb4da16c)
    at gcollect.c:447
0000009 0x080766c0 in cleanup_mapping_filter (key=0xb8c2a64, data=0xb8c2c94,
    extra=0xbfffdfd4) at gcollect.c:319
0000010 0x080b1d54 in walk_mapping (m=0x885bfcc,
    func=0x8076694 <cleanup_mapping_filter>, extra=0xbfffdfd4)
    at mapping.c:1953
0000011 0x08076971 in cleanup_vector (svp=0xb8ad648, num=1, context=0xb4da16c)
    at gcollect.c:447
0000012 0x080766c0 in cleanup_mapping_filter (key=0xb8acf38, data=0xb8ad648,
    extra=0xbfffe0a4) at gcollect.c:319
0000013 0x080b1d54 in walk_mapping (m=0x86f9874,
    func=0x8076694 <cleanup_mapping_filter>, extra=0xbfffe0a4)
    at mapping.c:1953
#14 0x08076971 in cleanup_vector (svp=0x856946c, num=13, context=0xb4da16c)
    at gcollect.c:447
#15 0x08076abb in cleanup_single_object (obj=0x85693ec, context=0xb4da16c)
    at gcollect.c:520
#16 0x08076cb9 in cleanup_object (obj=0x85693ec) at gcollect.c:644
#17 0x08052e2d in process_objects () at backend.c:1156
#18 0x0805258d in backend () at backend.c:737
#19 0x080ade92 in main (argc=5, argv=0xbffffca4) at main.c:615

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2005-10-11 00:49

reporter   ~0000393

I have added a clear_state() before each object is processed in the backend, to correctly set the machine state.

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