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0000013LDMud 3.3Compilation, Installationpublic2004-05-17 09:27
Reporterdafire Assigned Tolars 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000013: HAS_PGSQL from machine.h unused
DescriptionHAS_PGSQL is not used. configure notices that pgsql is not avaible and disables it but it stills tries to compile pkg-pgsql.c and so the build fails
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2003-08-21 01:25

reporter   ~0000024

configure noticed that pgSQL is not available, but didn't actually disable the request for the package. This has been corrected, as well as for mySQL, and the pkg- sources now also contain an explicite check for this misconfiguration (in case it happens again through manual editing of the config files).

Corrected in: LDMud 3.3.481

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