Released 2004-10-15
0000408: [Runtime] Recursion in an out of memory situation (lars)
0000413: [Compilation, Installation] md5() misbehavior on AMD x86 64 Bit Systems (lars)
0000405: [Compilation, Installation] get_line_number_if_any should check for an empty csp (lars)
0000406: [Runtime] Infinite recursion caused by errorf. (lars)
0000407: [Efuns] bind_lambda doesn't ignore unbindable closures when the second arg is missing (lars)
0000412: [Efuns] symbol_function leaks an object reference (lars)
0000414: [Compilation, Installation] Null pointer in parse_command while searching for the marker (lars)
0000409: [Documentation] sscanf documentation mentions extract(E) (lars)
0000377: [Efuns] convert_charset: MUD takes 100% CPU time and freezes (lars)
0000378: [Efuns] sprintf("%c", 0) fails (lars)
0000384: [Efuns] restore_value() doesn't recognize operator closures (lars)
0000391: [Runtime] Passing array of prepositions for %p in parse_command causes segfault (lars)
0000392: [Efuns] get_type_info could also return the function name of a lfun closure (lars)
0000393: [Compilation, Installation] Doesn't compile because of usage of REPLACE_MALLOC in xalloc.c (lars)
0000389: [Efuns] lambda doesn't recognize #'& as the reference operator (lars)
0000132: [Compilation, Installation] gnutls + MALLOC_TRACE impossible
0000343: [Runtime] Garbage collection leaks object name (lars)
0000344: [Runtime] restore_object leaks its line buffer (lars)
0000347: [Runtime] closure_location() leaks the program name (lars)
0000099: [Runtime] Destructed objects leak their program name (lars)
0000348: [Runtime] Destructed objects still leak their program name (lars)
0000349: [Runtime] Illegal use of RE_TRADITIONAL|RE_PCRE leaks some memory (lars)
0000353: [Runtime] Foreach with references crashes the driver (lars)
0000359: [Runtime] "x"*__INT_MAX__ crashes (lars)
0000355: [LPC Language] ranged foreach is a no-op for __INT_MAX__ (lars)
0000358: [Compilation, Installation] slaballoc warnings (lars)
0000356: [Runtime] 28 Bits for the large block size field aren't enough. (lars)
0000360: [Implementation] max-mapping-size: offer separate key/width limits (lars)
0000368: [Runtime] large_malloc crashes when coalescing free blocks (lars)
0000369: [Runtime] _get_map_lvalue doesn't check the mapping size correctly. (lars)
0000370: [Efuns] unique_array with an unbound lambda leaks it structures (lars)
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