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0000220LDMudEfunspublic2004-11-26 23:33
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Summary0000220: chmod() and other filemask issues
DescriptionShort: Allow the use of masks with mkdir()
Date: 0003026
From: Krise
Type: Feature
State: New
See also: f-000616

As it says: allow the creation of dirs (or even files?) with an mask
other than the default 775.
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2004-11-26 23:33

reporter   ~0000216

Short: Allow to set a certain umask
From: Kees Leune
Date: 000616
Type: Feature
State: New
See also: f-000326

Also, a related question. In object.c, line 1655, the function that
saves objects has a hard code umask in it (currently 0640). Would it be
possible to make this option configurable? Since we want our player save
files to be accessible by the web server, we needed to either put the
server in group mud, or allow mud to be read the rest. Since we are
running dedicated, I decided to take the easy way :) It would even be
more beautiful is we could have a umask efun, since i really only would
like to have the player.o files 644, but the rest 640 :)

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