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Summary0000264: Make telnet negotiations more configurable
DescriptionShort: Make telnet negotiation options more configurable
From: Markus Peter
Date: 2001 09 28
Type: Feature
State: New

I recently wanted to implement support for the MSP and MXP protocols into
my mudlib. The specifications on those protocols allow to negotiate their
availability in the client using telnet negotiations via the inofficial
options 90 and 91.

The problem I ran now into is: H_TELNET_NEG will only allow my mudlib
handling stuff like NAWS, TTYPE etc. I could now of course also set
H_NOECHO and handle all negotiations myself, but this seems like a little
bit overkill to re-develop the echo part of the negotiations myself when
it already works perfectly ok in the driver.

So my request basically is: Could options 90 and 91 be added to the list
of options which are handled through H_TELNET_NEG or can the list of
options be made configurable without patching the driver ?

--- I added the options 90 and 91 explicitely, the generic configuration (e.g.
via map set in driver hook) would be a nice idea.

From: Lars Duening <>
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 21:43:51 -0700

Allow a driver hook to specify which telnet hooks are to be piped through the
mudlib - not this all-or-nothing like now.
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