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Summary0000307: EotL additions
DescriptionDate: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 04:25:09 -0600
From: Casey Zacek <>
Short: EotL Additions
Type: Feature
State: New

Original changes (pre-177):

I think I'll go ahead and include the EotL hacks to the driver here,
so that you can ponder them, and possibly even include them so that we
don't have to hack them in with each update anymore!

(+ means it's a desired feature)
(- means I don't want it, but have to deal with it for legacy reasons
   but don't want it in the driver)

+ input_to has priority over editor

    This is a pretty easy hack. I agree with Xurbax that it's nice to
    be able to more a file while you're in the editor. If you decided
    to add this one to the stock driver, I don't foresee it causing any
    major problems for other muds.

+ took hostname off debug.log

    I've always thought it should be a compile- or run-time directive
    as to what you name your debug log, and I think I remember reading
    comments from you along those lines as well... We basically have
    all our "system" logs named with capital letters in our /
    directory so that they're easily seen at the beginning of a
    directory listing, and we don't really want the hostname on there.

+? added remote_command()

    I think Xurbax added this one because he didn't like leaving
    add_action()'ed functions non-static and not being able to force
    people to do stuff. I haven't hacked it into 3.2.7 because I don't
    think it's really that necessary, but it can be a nice thing from
    a coding standpoint. What it did was return 1 anywhere in the
    stack from the time command() with two arguments was invoked until
    that command execution finished. I'd rather have it return an
    object (the one that issued the command() call, probably) than
    just 1, but as it is, we don't have it at all.
    What'd *really* be cool, now that I'm discussing it with the EotL
    Arches, is if command_stack() had an extra element in the list that
    said whether there was a command() call to invoke the command or

+? one second call_out granularity

    I haven't really had a chance to look at this. I haven't patched
    it into 3.2.7, and it's not yet a priority. It's nice to have.
    Heartbeats still have 2-second-ish intervals.
    What we'd *really* like is a way to do a call_out(func, 0, args...)
    so that func(args) would be called immediately after the current
    execution stack was finished.

- added privilege_violation check for shutdown() efun

    This is like a 2-line hack, but I really don't see much point
    in adding it. We can use nomask simul_efuns instead. What we
    really want is a way to define what functions cause privilege
    violations through a driver hook or something.

+? added __BFILE__ preprocessor define

    Base file... The .c file being compiled, even if you're within a
    .h file, basically. Kinda handy, but not necessary... I didn't
    hack it into 3.2.7.
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