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0000557LDMud 3.5Compilation, Installationpublic2015-05-04 23:47
Reporterzesstra Assigned Tozesstra  
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Platformx86_64OSMacOS XOS Version10.5.x
Target Version3.5.0Fixed in Version3.5.0 
Summary0000557: Remove conditional compilation of structs and new inlines
DescriptionFrom a discussion with Gnomi: Structs and new inline function seem to be stable. The #ifdef USE_STRUCT and #ifdef USE_NEW_INLINES should be removed in 3.5, making both non-optional and improve readibility of the driver code.
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child of 0000663 resolvedzesstra RfC: Remove some configuration switches in 3.5.x 



2009-10-06 05:19

administrator   ~0001496

I would suggest to first define USE_STRUCT and USE_NEW_INLINES all the time and then remove the #ifdefs when we anyway have some business in a file...


2009-10-06 15:37

administrator   ~0001499

I always enabled structs in r2761 and new inline closures in r2762 by always defining USE_STRUCTS and USE_NEW_INLINES in driver.h.
I removed the conditional compilation from func_spec, lex.c|h and prolang.y. (I hope, I got that bloody mixture of ifdef and ifndef right.)

Now, whoever stumbles upon these defines: please feel free to remove them. ;-)


2015-05-04 23:47

administrator   ~0002252

USE_STRUCT and USE_NEW_INLINES were removed.

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