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0000579LDMud 3.5LPC Compiler/Preprocessorpublic2009-06-01 09:03
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Platformi686OSDebian GNU/LinuxOS Version4.0
Summary0000579: Allow struct prototypes and definitions to be in different programs
DescriptionI had a talk with Bardioc@Evermore about not being able to put struct and function prototypes into one file und define them later in another file.

The driver cannot handle this, because it internally identifies structs in function argument lists directly by its struct_type_t, and both, the original struct_type_t and its entry in the argument type list, may be problematic to modify later on when its true definition appears. That's why it requires a struct prototype to be defined in the same file.

So what's needed is a struct table just like the function table with its ability to complete a prototype by an inheritor later on, where then the argument type would just point into. (And if we want to have a lot of fun we can try to make re- and cross-definitions possible. ;-)
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has duplicate 0000648 closedGnomi LDMud struct declarations need to be defined in the same object 


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