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0000736LDMud 3.3Runtimepublic2010-03-11 16:58
Reporterzesstra Assigned Tozesstra  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86_64OSMacOS XOS Version10.5.x
Target Version3.3.720Fixed in Version3.3.720 
Summary0000736: Crash in add_message() upon tracing (caused by do_trace())
DescriptionWhen compiled with DEBUG do_trace() calls add_message("%s",message_flush); message_flush is 0x0 and add_message basically calls strlen(0x0) which crashes at least on my platform.
The correct call would be add_message(message_flush);
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2010-03-11 16:58

administrator   ~0001790

Should be fixed in rr2884 and rr2885.

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