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0000742LDMud 3.5Otherpublic2010-04-23 18:30
Reporter_xtian_ Assigned Tozesstra  
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Target Version3.5.0Fixed in Version3.5.0 
Summary0000742: incorrect build no in debug-log (3.5)
Descriptionall my debug logs show in the first line:

2010.03.22 11:37:26 LDMud 3.5.0 (Build 2656) (development)

this can't be the correct build no / revision. it is the same on all my machines.

can anyone else reproduce or invalidate this?
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2010-04-08 14:18

administrator   ~0001818

No, its true. As far I as can see that info comes from which is generated by the release scripts and release time. Unfortunately, the script which is supposed to modify is not in the svn repo, right now I can't even look what is it should do.


2010-04-21 17:22

administrator   ~0001819

Ok, as I can't properly update right now, because I don't now, which script should do that, I changed now mk-patchlevel to extract the revision from SVN or git (depending on availability) first and fall back to the data from if no SCM data is available.
I hope, the shell logic is portable enough. ;-) If you like, please test r2900.


2010-04-21 18:28

reporter   ~0001824

works on debian


2010-04-23 18:30

administrator   ~0001827

Then I assume this to be resolved for now.

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