Scheduled For Release 2011-09-01
0000320: [LPC Language] efun to remove double elements in array
0000545: [Implementation] Usages of alloca() have to be checked for possible stack overflow
0000645: [LPC Language] casting structs (to 'inherited struct') does nothing
0000588: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] function declaration after definition
0000590: [Portability] Remove MAXINT from driver.h and change code which uses it. (zesstra)
0000784: [Compilation, Installation] iconv version check (zesstra)
0000816: [Runtime] Crash during compact_mapping() (zesstra)
0000811: [LPC Compiler/Preprocessor] predefined define __FUNCTION__ for the name of the function (fufu)
0000092: [Runtime] Near-endless loops using catch() (zesstra)
0000117: [Efuns] Lossy mode for convert_charset() (zesstra)
0000693: [Runtime] "ref count 0 but not destructed" dealloc_object() error (zesstra)
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