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0000158LDMud 3.3Runtimepublic2022-10-06 21:28
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Summary0000158: Add driver compilation options and constants to driver_info()
DescriptionWe need to
a) assemble a list of options/constants in,, that are useful to have in LPC
b) add that to driver_info() and maybe even to configure_driver if it should be changed/is changeable.

--- historic description ---
Short: Runtime query of driver compilation options.
Date: 981114
Type: Feature
State: Proposed

The driver should offer a way to query compilation options (like MAX_BITSTRING)
at runtime, either via LPC-Predefines, or by an efun returning a mapping.
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2009-09-28 12:12

administrator   ~0001322

Ok, I agree, there should be some possibility to know things like compiletime limits. So: should they be a permanent define or should it be something query_driver()? For things which may be often used in a loop a define seems to be more reasonable. But then it breaks consistency to use a define for some things and an efun for others. For things changeable at runtime, the decision is IMHO easy: the efun.
And we would need a list of such thing. MAX_BITSTRING_LENGTH does not exist currently, but what else should be added?


2009-09-29 13:30

manager   ~0001341

I think we settled on the name driver_info() for that efun (similar to object_info() and interactive_info()). :-)


2009-10-05 18:50

administrator   ~0001479

Right, that was the name. :-)
I will start that efun with MAX_BITSTRING.

Please add suggestions about other information here.

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