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0000194LDMudOtherpublic2005-02-10 07:17
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Summary0000194: top-like feature
DescriptionShort: Top for LDMud
Date: 990211
Type Feature
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Having a efun returning a 'top' like statistic, both per-object and per-user,
would be nice. Major undertaking, though.
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2005-02-10 07:17

reporter   ~0000329

I wrote a 'top' in LPC some time ago... all it could to was show eval usage on a per-UID basis. It polled wizlist_info() [WL_COST] to get the required information. For memory usage statistics and more I wrote some tools in LPC as well that use OBJ_DUMP data.

The code is rather crude, though. Nevertheless, it's proof that it can be done if you put some effort into it. No need for major undertakings in the driver...

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