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0000211LDMudNetworkingpublic2009-05-19 18:08
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Summary0000211: Sychronous write()
DescriptionSubject: Synchronous write()
From: Lars
Date: 991104
Type: Feature
State: Unclassified

When writing data to the network, the driver drops messages when
encountering an EWOULDBLOCK.

This is ok for normal game usage, but deadly when used as e.g. httpd.
Either a synchronous write() is implemented (not easy, as it requires
buffering in the comm.c module) and/or we implement the TCP efuns.
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duplicate of 0000297 resolvedGnomi LDMud 3.3 Better buffering of data sent to players 



2009-05-19 18:08

manager   ~0001122

Write buffers were implemented in r2489 and since r2551 the size of the buffer can be changed per connection.

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