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0000240LDMudOtherpublic2009-09-30 17:40
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Summary0000240: LPC keyword 'yield'
DescriptionShort:'yield' to convert statements into expressions
From: Lars
Date: 2001-03-09
Type: Feature
State: New

a = if (foo) { bla; yield 1; }
    else { if (bar) yield 2; yield 3;}
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2009-09-30 17:29

administrator   ~0001374

Isn't that, was
val = a ? b : c
is doing?


2009-09-30 17:40

manager   ~0001377

Hmm, that syntax looks rather complicated for an amateur language like LPC.

(But it would be fun to implement a Python-style yield statement. I don't know if there's any need for it, but it surely would be fun...)

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