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0000244LDMudEfunspublic2009-10-01 17:09
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Summary0000244: Add priority to notify_fail()
DescriptionShort: Add a priority to notify_fail()
Date: 2001-05-16
From: Gnomi
Type: Feature
State: New

Add a numeric priority to notify_fails(), so that a previous message
is replaced only by one with an equal or higher priority.

In other words: previous messages are not overwritten by messages with a lower
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2009-09-30 17:13

administrator   ~0001372

We currently solve this by an sefun, which also estimates priorities of different objects. But letting the driver take care of this, would also be nice.


2009-10-01 03:31

reporter   ~0001386

I'm not sure, if it's a good idea. In the end the wizards will have to adhere to a MUD-standard for notify_fail() call priorities for different situations (thus replacing our _notify_fail() and notify_fail()), but then it would just be simpler to use these two (s)efuns directly. Because its clearer what they're for: One case, if your not sure, that the object was the intended target; one case, if youre sure of it - at least, thats how we use it.

If we end up allowing all kind of priorities for notify_fail(), we will just make bug-tracking more complicated.


2009-10-01 17:09

reporter   ~0001395

In the Tublib, we implement notify_fail() with priorities as sefun. If the driver takes care of this, it should be possible to receive all n_f()-messages which were raised during the evaluation of a player command (which is our current sefun implementation and very handy in rare cases of debugging).

I'm not sure if the handling of notify_fail() with priorities should better stay in the mudlib.

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