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Summary0000309: ODBC Implementation
DescriptionFrom: Robert Treml
Date: 2003-10-02
Short: ODBC
Type: Patch
State: New
See also: pkg-odbc.[ch]

Here is the source of the ODBC package. It might be a bit chaotic since it
was the first C project i did after years and my first ODBC project ever.

Installing it should be quite simple:
1) getting and installing an ODBC driver manager and ODBC drivers for the
used databases

I used the unixODBC driver manager ( which comes
with the required .h files and lib to access ODBC datasources and the
standard ODBC drivers for Postgres and MySQL which can be found on the
according web pages.

2) adding the .[ch] files and the odbc lib to the make file

3) adding the efuns to the func_spec file:
int sql_odbc_enabled();
mapping sql_odbc_datasources();
int *sql_handles();
int sql_connect(string, ...);
int sql_close(int);
int sql_exec(int, string);
int sql_affected_rows(int);
string *sql_column_names(int);
mixed sql_fetch(int, ...);
string sql_error(int);

4) complie & run

I used the mysql package as template and implemented its functionality
using ODBC. The ODBC functions should behave like the existing MySQL
functions with some small differences:
sql_fetch now supports a second optional parameter describing
the way the fetched data is returned.
0, default: The data is returned as an array
1: The data is returned as a mapping with the column name as key.

There is no function that covers the functionality of db_conv_string.
This function could be implemented as a simul_efun.

Actually i did some basic testing using a Postgres DB on the
same server (unix) and a MySQL DB on a different server (Win2k) and
everything seemed to work.
As soon as i have some more time i'll test an Oracle and a filebased ODBC

Awaiting you comments
Additional InformationThe pkg-odbc source files are already in the driver archive, albeit inactive.
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2009-09-07 04:55

administrator   ~0001261

Ok, before somebody activates the package: it should be reviewed before. I just had a very quick look and there seems to be a memory leak: extract_diagnostics_info() allocates its non-static return value with pxalloc(), but the callers don't free the memory, e.g. errorf(extract_diagnostics_info(SQL_HANDLE_STMT, handle->hStmt ) ).

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