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0000036LDMud 3.3LPC Compiler/Preprocessorpublic2004-07-02 00:24
Reporterurv Assigned Tolars 
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Summary0000036: 3-3.486 Driver aborts on fatal error while initializing global variables.
Description3-3.486 Driver aborts on fatal error (3-3.485 didn't) while initializing global variables with error " Inconsistent definition of __INIT() within superclass 'i/b.c'.".

1. object a inherits b
2. b inherits c
3. c declares a global variable and initialize it for example "int x = 1".

so while loading object "a" during the preloading in the epilog of the master object, the driver aborts on fatal error and dump the call chain...

(There are also some situations where only a "Redeclaration of function __INIT.." comes but the driver continues.)
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2004-05-17 17:42

reporter   ~0000061

Probably the cause was that the simul_efun object had its own __INIT() function and made it visible as simul-efun. This was corrected in 3.3.487 .

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