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0000475LDMud 3.3Runtimepublic2008-08-05 08:02
Reporterfufu Assigned Tofufu  
Status resolvedResolutionnot fixable 
Product Version3.3.712 
Summary0000475: adding m_allocate-d mappings with += is different from adding with +
DescriptionConsider this code:

  mixed x = m_allocate(100,2); x += ([2:3;4;5]);
  mixed y = m_allocate(100,2); y = y + ([2:3;4;5]);

The first line results in an error, saying the mapping width doesn't match. The second line results in y containing mapping of width 3. As x is empty, the first line should work as well.
Additional Informationadd_to_mapping() in mapping.c tests for empty mappings with
    0 == m2->num_entries && NULL == m2->hash
For m_allocate-d mappings, hash is empty but not 0.

Why is the hash tested at all? 3.2 doesn't have that check.

Attachment: patch to remove the NULL == m[1,2]->hash tests
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related to 0000291 closedfufu LDMud Implement a generic empty mapping 


2006-06-25 15:33


empty-mapping-check-fix.patch (716 bytes)   
Index: mapping.c
--- mapping.c	(revision 2306)
+++ mapping.c	(working copy)
@@ -3352,7 +3352,7 @@
         /* If one of the two mappings is empty, we can adjust its width
          * after getting rid of all pending data blocks.
-        if (0 == m2->num_entries && NULL == m2->hash)
+        if (0 == m2->num_entries)
             if (m2->cond != NULL)
@@ -3363,7 +3363,7 @@
             m2->num_values = m1->num_values;
-        else if (0 == m1->num_entries && NULL == m1->hash)
+        else if (0 == m1->num_entries)
             if (m1->cond != NULL)


2006-06-26 03:54

updater   ~0000508

While I agree that both code examples should be treated alike I would prefer in either case an error to be thrown:
if one really decides to use prior knowledge to avoid malloc overhead he should stick to the pre-set dimensions. Using m_allocate() instead of just initializing an empty mapping ([]) gives additional information which should be evaluated by the driver to avoid inconsistent use of variables.


2006-06-26 04:27

manager   ~0000509

I think what you want is covered by issue 291. I agree in principle, but this would be a incompatible change and requires more work than fixing this bug.


2006-07-18 13:07

reporter   ~0000513

This "mixed" behaviour also applies for 3.2.12 release, where I'd like to have it fixed, too.
I agree to Sorcerer: In case the first mapping was created either with m_allocate() or with ([:x]), the knowledge about the width of the mapping should be used consequently in any checks about different mapping widths. I doubt that it would break code, esp. as persons who pre-set a mapping dimension [should] _know_ what dimension they need later.


2008-08-04 23:05

manager   ~0000753

I still stand by my previous analysis -- the ->hash check is meant to identify mappings allocated by m_alloc(), but it's unreliable:

- it does not catch mappings created with m_allocate(0, width), or ([:width]).
- if the mapping gets compacted, the hashed part will go away.

The proper fix for this is to implement 0000291.

In the meantime, I'd still like to remove those ->hash checks.


2008-08-05 03:29

manager   ~0000754

I agree.


2008-08-05 07:58

manager   ~0000755

On second thought, the checks are necessary. If the mapping is a protector mapping and it has a hashed part, then the hashed part might be non-empty, even though the mapping itself is empty. In that case simply changing the num_values field of the mapping will cause trouble later, when the mapping's 'deleted' entries are freed.

So I'll leave the code as is and close this bug.

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