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0000049LDMud 3.3LPC Compiler/Preprocessorpublic2019-08-29 23:41
ReporterlarsAssigned ToGnomi  
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Summary0000049: Computed struct name lookup should be smarter

  struct Door { int flags; };
  struct Exit { int flags; };
  struct Room { struct Exit north; struct Exit south; };

  struct Room room;
  string dir;


This line throws a compiler error that 'flags' is defined in multiple structs (Door and Exit), even though the compiler could deduce that Exit is meant - because Room doesn't have any top-level Door members. Instead, the compiler currently considers all structs defined in scope as possible candidates.

Testcase: t-040413

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related to 0000843 resolvedGnomi LDMud struct runtime lookup regression 



2019-08-29 23:41

manager   ~0002478

Actually it is not true, that the compiler can deduce the type of a runtime struct member lookup. The given struct can be a derived struct type containing additional members with different types, that the runtime lookup should find.

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