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0000531LDMud 3.5LPC Compiler/Preprocessorpublic2017-09-30 18:42
ReporterSorcerer Assigned ToGnomi  
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Fixed in Version3.5.0 
Summary0000531: Passing varargs argument by reference
DescriptionIt would be great to be able to pass references to functions using varargs arguments for constructs like:

walk_mapping(m, function void (mixed key, varargs mixed *values) { ... })

(I filed this originally as 0000530 against 3.2-dev but it was meant to go here to 3.3, sorry for that)
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child of 0000546 resolvedGnomi Rework lvalue handling 



2008-04-30 05:30

administrator   ~0000609

Yes, actually I had some code yesterday, which contained your example line in the first attempt. ;-)
But I don't know if there is an easy way for doing this. The driver justs puts all the args into an ordinary array and puts that array on the stack. So it would be necessary to allow putting T_LVALUES into arrays. In setup_new_frame2() in interpret.c is the following comment:
* If <allowRefs> is TRUE, references may be passed as extended varargs
* ('(varargs mixed *)'). Currently this is used only for simul efuns.
* TODO: Investigate if holding references in arrays is really such a
* TODO:: a bad thing. Maybe it's just an implementation issue.
* TODO:: This also affects apply_low() and call_lambda().

My current knowledge of the driver code is not deep enough to give a qualified statement if it is 'bad thing'... ;-) Maybe someone else can comment on this one?

BTW: My code yesterday had no need for the arguments to be passed as reference,so I used filter() (map() is ok as well).


2008-06-30 05:10

manager   ~0000624

This one is also for the next unstable branch.

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