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Summary0000064: Improve array implementation.
DescriptionThe current array implementation requires that with every change in length a new value block is allocated and initialized.

It would be advantageous to allow value blocks larger than required, and pre-alllocate them before they are used (e.g. double the allocated size whenever an extension is required).

In an even better version (which probably would require C++), multiple non-continguous blocks could be used to store the values.
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2004-11-27 00:04

reporter   ~0000218

Short:Efficient vector implementation
From: Lars
Date: 2001-06-15
Type: Idea

Use HATs (DDJ July 2001) for vector modifications,
essentially implementing 'dirty' and 'condensed' vectors.

The vector could be combined: the normal fixed length in one block,
plus the extensions as HAT. Very short arrays could be fully stored in the
vector control block, to save space.


2009-11-06 05:57

administrator   ~0001613

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