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0000702LDMud 3.5LPC Compiler/Preprocessorpublic2017-10-04 20:57
Reporterzesstra Assigned Tozesstra  
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Target Version3.5.0Fixed in Version3.5.0 
Summary0000702: RfC: Remove some pragmas
DescriptionI thought about some pragmas and if we still need them in 3.5.

+ combine_strings, no_combine_strings: Is there a real advantage of no_combine_strings? Does need the behaviour of no_combine_strings?

+ verbose_errors: would it be harmful to always enable that it? Honest question, I don't even know a program in MG which does not use it.

+ local_scopes, no_local_scopes: Are there still Muds with more than sporadic programs which need no_local_scopes?
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2009-11-05 15:51

reporter   ~0001609

Never seen a MUD where this would be a problem.

Additionally I would propose activating warn_deprecated
This means less pain changing the driver and mudlib code in the long run.


2009-11-05 16:31

administrator   ~0001611

I think, that suggestion makes sense, because it warns Mud admins and they can turn the warnings off with the auto include hook.


2010-02-15 19:17

administrator   ~0001733

Will do so for 3.5.


2010-02-16 17:50

administrator   ~0001737

In r2866 - 2868 I removed the pragmas (no_)combine_strings, verbose_errors and (no_)local_scopes. All these are being ignored by the lexxer. The behaviour of combine_strings, verbose_errors and local_scopes is now always enabled.

r2869 enables warn_deprecated by default.

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