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0000706LDMud 3.5Documentationpublic2009-11-22 14:48
ReporterSorcerer Assigned Tozesstra  
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Target Version3.5.0Fixed in Version3.5.0 
Summary0000706: man-page of map_objects()
DescriptionTwo corrections for the man-page of map_objects():

map_objects takes as first argument not object * but mixed * since one can also use the names of the objects (even mix objects and names). This applies to the English and the German man-page.

In the English description there is a reference to map_array() which should be replaced by map(). This is already fixed in the German man-page.

This issue also applies to other driver versions (at least 3.3).

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2009-11-22 14:48

administrator   ~0001645

Should be fixed by r2807 and r2808, thanks!

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