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0000744LDMudImplementationpublic2011-02-19 21:43
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Summary0000744: ship JSON parser
DescriptionThis is a feature request.

I know, a JSON parser is being maintained in a separate repository. But it seems that the next generation of MUD standards (ATCP2?, MMP?, MDCP? [*]) will rely heavily on JSON, so I though it might be best if we prepared for these and include that separate patch in the main trunk.

[*]: I will write to you about these.
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2010-07-14 15:03

administrator   ~0001878

AFAIK we don't maintain a JSON parser, neither in the driver repo nor in ldmud-extensions. However, there is an issue here in Mantis about one. Unfortunately I didn't even have time to think about it.

Speaking of JSON, CouchDB might also be useful for some users, but that is a different issue - and probably low priority as long as we can't spend more time on LDMud as we currently do. :-(


2010-11-19 22:21

administrator   ~0001922

I stumbled again over these to issues concerning JSON. As long as nobody writes documentation for the JSON package in 0000724 I will not integrate it in the main driver distribution. However, I would pull it into if somebody includes it in his or her fork and sends me a pull request.


2011-02-19 21:43

administrator   ~0002001

I added the JSON patch mentioned above in

As I already stated, I will not include a JSON parser without documentation. I also will not write the documentation myself as it is not my code, I never used it and I don't use JSON. If somebody want JSON support: please work on it and re-open this or open a new issue.

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