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0000884LDMudImplementationpublic2020-08-24 00:19
Reporterzesstra Assigned ToGnomi  
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Platformx86_64OSMacOS XOS Version10.9.x
Summary0000884: to_struct: error converting related structs
DescriptionWhen the program given below is compiled, the blueprint destroyed and loaded again, the to_struct() call fails with the error:
"Can't convert struct A struct_convert.c #548395 into struct B struct_convert.c #592866. Neither is a base of the other."

I suspect, this might be an issue with the struct reactivation when reloading programs, e.g. one is reactivated and the other not.

Steps To Reproduce
#pragma strong_types,pragma rtt_checks

struct A {
  int one;

struct B (A) {
  int two;

void test () {
  struct B b = to_struct((<A> 100), ());
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related to 0000838 resolvedGnomi Struct reactivation fails when used in complex types 



2020-08-24 00:19

manager   ~0002550

Fixed in my 363preparations branch.

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