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0000174LDMudLPC Compiler/Preprocessorpublic2010-02-14 12:38
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Summary0000174: Preprocessor is not ISO-C compatible.
DescriptionShort: Preprocessor is not Standard-C compatible
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 13:36:24 +0200 (EET)
Type: Feature
State: Acknowledged

Points in question:
 - macro substitution in strings shouldn't be done
 - no # or ## operators
 - this
     #define FUNCTION(func) #'func
   doesn't work as expected

Also the C-99 features are missing.
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2010-02-14 12:38

reporter   ~0001727

Last edited: 2010-02-14 12:39

Actually, I would like to have the # feature:

#define quote( X ) #X /* quote( foo ) is expanded to "foo" */

This is just an example the actual macro I want construct is slightly more complex.

Btw. we (Evermore) are using 3.5.

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