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0000037LDMud 3.3Runtimepublic2004-05-17 09:27
Reporterdafire Assigned Tolars 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000037: [496] net_connect() is crashing the driver
Descriptionusing net_connect crash the driver.
I saved the core file.
Additional Informationtestobject:

#define DEBUGGER "dafire"
#include <debug.h>

mixed logon(int x)



void test()


ioctl socket FIONBIO: Bad file descriptor

Program received signal SIGABRT, Aborted.
#0 0x40222bc1 in __kill () from /lib/
(gdb) bt
#0 0x40222bc1 in __kill () from /lib/
0000001 0x400747ac in pthread_kill () from /lib/
0000002 0x40074c96 in raise () from /lib/
0000003 0x40223fe1 in abort () from /lib/
0000004 0x805dd4c in set_socket_nonblocking (new_socket=13) at comm.c:800
0000005 0x8060628 in new_player (ob=0x9932138, new_socket=13, addr=0xbfffc6d4, addrlen=16, login_port=0) at comm.c:3680
0000006 0x8065fdd in f_net_connect (sp=0x8147f30) at comm.c:8666
0000007 0x8083322 in eval_instruction (first_instruction=0x9b8f926 "\n\004\016°\035", initial_sp=0x8147f20)
    at interpret.c:7675
0000008 0x80a19a5 in apply_low (fun=0x89e0d10, ob=0x9932138, num_arg=10, b_ign_prot=0, allowRefs=0)
    at interpret.c:16126
0000009 0x80a2023 in int_apply (fun=0x89e0d10, ob=0x9932138, num_arg=10, b_ign_prot=0, b_use_default=1)
    at interpret.c:16316
0000010 0x80a0485 in eval_instruction (first_instruction=0x8dbd3e2 "_\001\020`\017\003J\035", initial_sp=0x8147f08)
    at interpret.c:15595
0000011 0x80a19a5 in apply_low (fun=0x8d688e8, ob=0x9d26140, num_arg=1, b_ign_prot=0, allowRefs=0) at interpret.c:16126
0000012 0x80a2023 in int_apply (fun=0x8d688e8, ob=0x9d26140, num_arg=1, b_ign_prot=0, b_use_default=1)
    at interpret.c:16316
0000013 0x80a26e6 in sapply_int (fun=0x8d688e8, ob=0x9d26140, num_arg=1, b_find_static=0, b_use_default=1)
    at interpret.c:16477
#14 0x804cd78 in parse_command (buff=0xbfffd39c "zc test->test()", from_efun=0) at actions.c:1107
#15 0x804d19e in execute_command (str=0xbfffd39c "zc test->test()", ob=0x9cdf2e8) at actions.c:1262
#16 0x804daaf in v_command (sp=0x8147e78, num_arg=1) at actions.c:1518
#17 0x808365c in eval_instruction (
    first_instruction=0x8c8ee6e "_\001\004\017u\022(\b$g\213\001\017u-(`\017b¤]a[\035", initial_sp=0x8147e68)
    at interpret.c:7723
#18 0x80a19a5 in apply_low (fun=0x8a0b83c, ob=0x9cdf2e8, num_arg=1, b_ign_prot=0, allowRefs=0) at interpret.c:16126
#19 0x80a2023 in int_apply (fun=0x8a0b83c, ob=0x9cdf2e8, num_arg=1, b_ign_prot=0, b_use_default=1)
    at interpret.c:16316
#20 0x80a26e6 in sapply_int (fun=0x8a0b83c, ob=0x9cdf2e8, num_arg=1, b_find_static=0, b_use_default=1)
    at interpret.c:16477
#21 0x804bc7c in call_modify_command (buff=0xbfffdfa0 "zc test->test()") at actions.c:568
#22 0x804c7d2 in parse_command (buff=0xbfffdfa0 "zc test->test()", from_efun=0) at actions.c:902
#23 0x804d19e in execute_command (str=0xbfffdfa0 "zc test->test()", ob=0x9cdf2e8) at actions.c:1262
#24 0x8053336 in backend () at backend.c:597
#25 0x80b0843 in main (argc=11, argv=0xbffff93c) at main.c:572
#26 0x40212baf in __libc_start_main () from /lib/
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2004-03-28 03:37

reporter   ~0000034

There were problems in the error handling for net_connect() which have been fixed in 3.3.498 and .499 . If this problem persists, please reopen the bug.

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